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I started acting at an early age as one of the lollipop guild while in kindergarten and kept going from there through school in plays and chorus. I still perform on stage with The Harnett Regional Theater and even Campbell University and lend my talents to technical work and sound design as well. Although I have served in the military, worked as an accountant, biomedical repair technician and a Facilities Manager, I have always kept a microphone close by my side over the years. I have performed at countless wedding ceremonies and nightclubs, hosted karaoke, hosted a radio talk show and worked as a newscaster. I feel this has given me a very well rounded base to record voice overs for a variety of projects. I have had the opportunity to voice the audio for several training videos for the U.S. Military Civil Affairs, Senate, House DOJ and State Department and The Lanterman Center in San Diego. I have done several hundred voice overs  for web videos, in addition to narrating almost 100 audio  books and providing a radio imaging voice for several stations around the globe.